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Handheld Remote Control Bumper Cars - Your Ultimate Guide

If you are searching for a exciting and fun gift, then you certainly can't go wrong with remote control bumper cars. In this particular guide, we are gonna take a closer look at some of the best r/c bumper cars on the market, so you will soon be able to choose the best option for you. That said, let is take a look at the best ones available today.

1 - Blue Hat Remote Control Speed Bumpers

If you are look for a twin pack of bumper cars that work well together, then this can be a great option. At a reasonable cost of just $35, it is one of the better value-for-money options, thus it certainly won't hurt your wallet.

Each car comes equipped with it is own controller, and whenever the cars collide with each other there is a fantastic crashing?sound effect that is likely to delight your young ones - both young and old! What is more, the rider will eject once the bumper is hit, which only increases the fun and excitement because the two cars chase the other around.

2 - Kid Galaxy RC Bumper Chuck Bumper Cars

Here is another fantastic option if you are looking for something that offers better quality, but nonetheless comes with a reasonable price. With a reduced price of $47 on Amazon, it is certainly an incredible option in order to maintain your budget tight, but nonetheless purchase something of high quality. Click here:

This approach uses fans on the back of the auto, which provides the illusion that they are wind powered, although they are actually powered via batteries. The controllers are extremely ergonomic and comfortable to carry for some time - and you will definitely be enjoying these cars for some time to come!

There is also a sound effect played if the driver is ejected, making the toys very interactive and fun to try out with.

3 - Captain Barnacle Bumper Bashers

If you are searching for something that is best suited for younger kids, this can be a great pick. This set offers you two fully functional bumper cars, including ejectable drivers and crashing sound effects. However, additionally, it comes with a 30 inch battle arena which makes the process greater - because it's more difficult to conceal from your opponent.

Additionally, you possess multi r/c frequencies, which allows you to amount to 4 cars to the battle arena. Ultimately, this is a great way for each of the family to get involved on the action.

4 - Sharper Image Remote Control Speed Bumpers

This is certainly another fantastic option, and at a price of just $38, it is a definite steal. The cars look very detailed and futuristic, including an ejectable rider who leaps out at the aim of collision. Obviously, you will also have a brilliant sound effect that plays concurrently.

These are great battle cars, which provide the ideal challenge for a couple of competitive players.


Overall, it is safe to say that r/c bumper cars are some of the most have toys at the moment - along with a child who receives these being a gift is sure to be delighted using the fun and thrills they supply.

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